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Out Of The Kitchen & Onto The Web

Translating everything I do in the kitchen to an Instagram picture or a Facebook post, simply put is really hard! I want to show you the best of what I'm doing and really capture your attention, but those snippets don't show you what I'm doing, it shows you what I've made.

It doesn't show you when I'm in the middle of weighing my flour and the scale resets. It doesn't show you my process of reviewing and tweaking recipes, and sometimes misreading them too--my mom has always told me to read the full recipe before starting, but that doesn't count for my reading blips! And it doesn't show you how if I want to leave the kitchen mid-bake, I have to "hide" everything so my cat, Matilda, doesn't eat raw cake, or inhale a bowl of frosting.

Here you'll get a glimpse of what my kitchen really looks like beyond the pretty pictures; stay tuned, because I'm sure there's plenty of fun to come.



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